Building The New Future Leaders UCC School

Future Leaders Underprivileged Children’s Center grew from one man teaching the alphabet to local children under a mango tree to a successful school for hundreds of underprivileged children. A football academy was formed connected to the school to ensure that players stayed in school and gained an education. New land was found to accommodate the school’s growth, when the founder of the UCC, Billa Mahmud, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. The Ghana Football Project united with other organizations to support this project and celebrate Billa’s legacy by fulfilling his dream.

Building a school was a huge and difficult challenge, with money needed to purchase the land, build the school, equip the classrooms and so on. However, along with other organizations in the UK and the Netherlands we saw it as a realistic goal which we were able to achieve and so further our mission of football, education and opportunity.

Now that it is built, the school can be self-sufficient through various revenue streams: one will be a volunteer block within the school that can house volunteer teachers and coaches who will donate to the school and the other will be a vocational center for parents of the students and players. Money made from these ventures will feed back into the running costs of the school. We now support the school in an advisory capacity, with the construction finished and our goal achieved, along with continuing to help develop the football academy and its coaches.