About Us


The Ghana Football Project was formed out a love of the beautiful game that continues to this day!

In 2011, two young football coaches from the UK – Lee and Anthony – traveled to the Ghanaian capital Accra as volunteers, saw the incredible passion that children and young people had for football and were convinced that this passion could be harnessed as a force for greater good.

Over multiple visits to Ghana, Lee and Anthony established connections with inspirational local partners who shared an understanding of the life-enhancing power of the world’s game. These partners were above all committed to harnessing love of football to motivate children and young people to acquire the tools to face life’s challenges.

Get kids playing, get them in school, keep them there. Protect the enormously talented ones from predators. Football. Education. Opportunity. The Ghana Football Project was born.

Now a fully accredited 501(c)(3), the Ghana Football Project continues to work with established local football academies and educational institutions in Ghana to provide opportunities for underprivileged young people and children, with a focus on education and sport.

We raise money for the building and sustaining of schools.  We send volunteers to both coach and help out.  We provide equipment.  And we share what we know on how best to battle the very real scourge of human traffickers, who capture the imagination of the most talented players,  exploit their ambition by making impossible promises of a professional career and then ruthlessly abandon them, often leaving homeless or stateless on the streets of Europe.

Over the years, the Ghana Football Project has worked with players who have turned professional in Germany, had tryouts in Italy, the Netherlands and Cyprus and players who have joined High School and College teams in America. But the great majority of those we have worked with are in the process of achieving true success by gaining confidence and satisfaction from playing the game while obtaining a solid education.

It all starts with an abiding love of the beautiful game!